Shell Day 30: Dancer

finally caught up for the days i was sick. this is the piece for the ten ladies dancing. but the tenth dancer seems like she's still waiting for a partner. will you join her? hope you like it

peace suu

Shell Day 29: Little Drummer Boy

I have always loved the song little drummer boy it has been one of myy favorite carols. i thought it would be fitting to have it for nine drummers drumming. though he's only one. hope you like it.

peace suu


Shell Day 28: Matryoshka Doll

I have always loved matryoshka dolls there is something so very classically beautiful about them. I do not refer to the tacky ones that you can buy based on pop culture or other stuff. i love the traditional ones with the intricate details and the beautiful colors. I hope when I am done my film i can carve out some of my own. i want to do some more tactile art like wood carving or clay. this is is my piece for the eight maids. hope you like it.

peace -suu


Shell Days 27: Swans

I'm back from the dead! i was somewhat bed ridden for the last few days so I didn't get a chance to draw anything. I did a bit of a pascal study for Seven Swan's a swimming. I'll catch up on the rest tomorrow. enjoy :)


Shell Day 26: Sick Day

without fail every year after classes are done i get super sick. today is no exception. the geese are mad for the little effort i put into their day.


Shell Day 25: Five Cups

five is a special number to me. five is the number of people in the crazy troupe i joined twenty some odd years ago. we are such a differing group but we work together well.

dad - my dad is a coffee mug - practical, stoic and gets the job done. his toughness could be a bit grating as a child but his patience and devotion to our family and to god has shaped my life greatly.
mom - my mom is a coffee cup, simple not very adorned but beautiful in her own way. she has watched keenly over us and tho she doesn't jump out and scream for attention our family would be nothing without her.
bro - my older brother is the cool one. he is practical and efficient and doesn't care to be fancier then need be. he works hard plays hard and is an inspiration to me.
sis - my sis is the glue binding of the family. she's the one who cares for pomp and circumstance she loves family affairs and is the one who always wants to make everything into an event. her deep and abiding love for the family keeps us well knit.
me - i am a sippy cup. i'm childish and immature. nuff said.

this is my 5 golden rings. this is also why i love christmas a time that i can spend with my family and its not about gifts (as we don't exchange gifts often) but its about the love that we share.

8 days more.

(thanks to amy who helped me with this piece)


Shell Day 24: Four Calling Birds

today's piece took me a while to figure out. it is done in the style of Aurore Damant who is a brilliant designer. One of my favorite things about Christmas is the holiday phone calls that allow me to catch up with family and friends :) 9 days (tho technically its 8) left!!


Shell Day 23: Three French Hens

my piece for three french hens done in the style of Deanna Marsigliese (i love her designs and she's amazing). 10 days left.

Shell Day 22: Dancing Doves

I'm really bad at getting these drawings up before midnight! 11 Days until Christmas (because tomorrow doesn't start until I wake up) Enjoy :)


Shell Day 21: Fowl and Flora

For the first day i get a lot of work so a very rushed piece. 12 days until Christmas so excited :)


Shell Day 20: Yarn!

contrary to popular belief cats lead very busy, hectic lives.


Shell Day 19: Happy Birthday Elias

just a quick birthday sketch for my brother. my brother is more than just someone who i can fight with. he's my inspiration, my counselor, my pastor, my enemy, my friend and my big brother. happy 26 years :)


Shell Day 18: Oliver

a quick sketch of oliver twist. still playing around with painting techniques. my friend amy is very tough with her critiques of my technique but it definitely helps me grow.


Shell Day 17: Marcel

A quick drawing of Marcel Marceau one of the greatest mimes ever and a great acting influence for myself.


Shell Day 16: Japanese Elvis Impersonator

just playing around with shape and line. 


Shell Day 15: Too Tired

its almost 6am i up still up i have an exam in 2 hours. i'm just rocking back and forth watching star trek barely doing any work at this point :P


Shell Day 14: Late Birthday Drawing

a late birthday drawing for niche :) Happy Late Birthday Nichole :P

Shell Day 13: Too Much Work

too much work today so i just did a quick doodle. i watch a lot of star trek while i work. everything but enterprise because that series was pretty bad.


Shell Day 12: Film Stuff

a quick design and color test for a character (Young Haile Gebreselassie) from my film i did after work today. i've been procrastinating on working on it because its been fun drawing other things and learning new stuff! its hard to balance learning/trying new things with trying to get this film moving forward. neways enjoy and goodnight.

P.S. go over to my friend Amy's blog as she drew the cutest christmas drawings of her, her bunny and i.


Shell Day 11: Native Girl

here's a girl i have been working on for some time. i usually pick her up and play around with her when i'm feeling tired or in an art rut. its nice to go back to an old drawing and try to push it further. this is the latest one. i might post the progression after i complete her but a long day of work has made me too tired to dig through my files. enjoy :)


Shell Days 10: Mermaid

painted a mermaid today. was playing around with brushes and painting without a line. i'm not used to lineless painting but i feel i learned a bit. comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.



Despite how late it is December 1st is World Aids Day and i wanted to do a tribute to Doctors Without Borders/ Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF). The MSF provides much needed health care and humanitarian aid in many countries that are needy. They also need your help due to lower donor funding because of the recession and countries not doing well. If you can please donate to them. Every little counts.