Shell Day 8: 400!

I just wanted to give a shout out to my boy cal, he has raised over $400 this month for prostate cancer research :)

Shell Day 7: Lion WIP

Here is a WIP of a piece i am doing. unfortunately there are not enough hours in the day today and i shall finish it tomorrow. I decided to do this piece after learning about the killing of wild lions in africa because herders are upset that their herds keep getting eaten. it is sad to see these majestic creatures be pushed toward extinction so needlessly. I wanted to capture a lion running alongside a masai hunter. lions encompass the spirit of africa, our ability to work as a unit, to protect our own and to wild yet regal. I know people usually have pride in national sports teams, or other figureheads and i wish they would take more pride of our natural resources. our lakes our mountains and the animals we share this land with. i will do my best to lead my life with that in mind. enjoy :)


Shell Days 6: We Were Kids 3 - Shadow

my brother has always been a very cool guy and i have always looked up to him. i used to essentially just be his shadow and follow right behind him and copy everything he did. my fav color was his fav color my fav sport was his fav sport. i have moved past being his shadow but i still look up to the guy quite a lot. being an older brother isn't a job you choose but he has done a very good job. much love elias :)



Shell Days 5: We Were Kids 2 - Rosetta

i had a friend back in high school named kat. we used to hang out all the time and just share so much about ourselves to each other. during the warm months we'd hang out at a park called rosetta mcclain gardens by our school. we would lie in the grass and just enjoy the warm afternoon sun. i totally had the biggest crush on her :P life moved on and we went our separate ways but we still meet up every now and then and the friendship has never changed. 

i was trying to learn how pascal campion lights his work with this piece. successful or not? comments would be appreciated. oh and if you know any good brush sets i can try out please send them my way :)


Shell Days 4: All Wrapped Up

just playing around with a new brush. enjoy :)


Shell Days 3: We Were Kids 1 - Biking

this is the first of a series i want to do titled "we were kids." its an attempt to capture the emotions i feel about the people who shape my life.the first one here is ammad. i decided to emulate bill waterson's calvin & hobbes style as it reminds me of the relationship i have with ammad. ammad is the hobbes to my calvin. he's even tempred, gentle, caring and well grounded. i'm glad i got so many chances to waste time with him. wouldn't trade it for the world.

Shell Days 2: Late Longboard

spent all day today doing group work for my elective my daily sketch had to wait until really late. today's drawing was inspired when i was walking to school and i saw my boy calvin long-boarding down the street. so i decided to draw the feeling i got from it. i love watching long-boarders as they always look so carefree and peaceful. enjoy.


Shell Days 1: Sammy

So my friend asked for the sweetest thing for her birthday. She asked me to do one post a day for the next 365 days because she liked looking at my art. That was really touching and so here goes the first day :) Enjoy Shells :)

This piece is of one of my old friends dog Sammy. I just found out that Sammy is super sick and that made me real sad. I love dogs as they are such great wonderful friends who will go in any crazy adventure with you. Sammy was no exception he was playful, loving and a big goofball. love ya bud <3


Bird Brains

my friend keeps asking me to do the art for this grandiose film idea he wants to pitch to someone. figured i'd do a sketch of the two main characters for him so he'd stop nagging me :P


On The GO

drew myself while on the GO train heading to my rents. played around with textures a bit. critiques are always appreciated :)


X-Men: Logan

i did this wolverine/ logan drawing for fun today while watching megamind for the first time. i found it very entertaining and a delightful film. hopefully i'll do some more xmen art. i usually don't do comic fanart but i do love comics. enjoy.


Life Drawing Dump

here's some life drawings from extra life sessions i have been attending with lisa.we have decided to go to life drawing daily and after that the gym. either i'll be a superstar artists or i'll be a GQ model. my plan is foolproof.

these last two are from Geordie Millar's life drawing classes. Geordie is an amazing teacher and i love his method. In one of his lessons he once said that young artists/students give up on their drawings too early and that we should push through them. I have tried to apply that with my drawings lately and it has definitely improved my technique.

animation not 4 me

i was on the bus to walmart today and i saw one of those drugsnot4me ads and i couldn't help but notice the similarities between drug addicts and animation students. so i had to make a parody of it.

oh and any resemblance to any people real or fictional is purely coincidental. you got that nooree?