Irish Swim Team? 2

so lina thought that the other guy didn't have a big enough bulge. happy lina?

Irish Swim Team?

quick sketch i did while watching season 6 of the simpsons. this is perhaps what the irish swim team captain looks like. enjoy.



i find i am always posting digital work lately but i fell in love with traditional art and i am still madly in love with it. this is a quick sketch of an old timey swimmer i did on a napkin today. enjoy.



just took a quick break from my film to do a quick doodle. the film is taking up a lot of my time but i am trying to make as much personal work as i can.



i really like the song Hurricane by Jimmy Needham. My brother was the one who introduced me to his music and I fell in love with it. I like this song because it really highlights my need for Christ. Enjoy. God Bless.